Let's make every moment at your event memorable and safe by incorporating hearing protection products. Alpine provides innovative earplugs designed for festivals, offering safety in noisy environments. Ideal for music lovers, our products ensure an immersive experience without risking hearing damage.
  • Bar or service location 

    As a festival you can integrate our earplugs seamlessly into your event by selling them at the bar or at the service desk within the festival grounds.

  • Dispenser with zipbag packaging 

    Introducing our compact dispenser designed for festivals featuring the Alpine PLUG-IT! earplugs or the Alpine PartyPlug earplugs. The dispenser includes 100 sets of earplugs in a compostable zipbag.  

    MOQ: 200 sets 

  • Branded pouches 

    At festivals, Alpine offers unique branded pouches for our PartyPlug Pro earplugs, featuring the festival's logo. These specially designed pouches not only protect your earplugs but also carry the spirit of the event, merging practicality with memorable festival branding. 

    MOQ: 500 

  • PartyPlug Pro

    • Premium earplug with flat filter for natural sound experience 
    • Comes with luxurious pouch and connecting cord 
    • Reduces noise to a safe volume with a (SNR) of 21 dB 
  • PartyPlug

    • Special music filter allowing to hear music and friends 
    • Reusable earplug with an outstanding comfortable fit 
    • Reduces noise to a safe volume with a (SNR) of 19 dB 
  • PLUG-IT!

    • Entry-level earplug with a basic filter 
    • Comes with an insertion tool for easy fitting 
    • Reduces noise to a safe volume with a (SNR) of 20 dB 
  • SleepDeep

    • Maximum noise reduction, ideal for multi-day festivals 
    • Available in multiple sizes 
    • Offers a High noise reduction value (SNR) of 27 dB 
  • Pluggies Kids

    • Specifically designed for children's sensitive hearing 
    • Ideal for adults with small ear canals 
    • Offers a high noise reduction value (SNR) of 25 dB 
  • Muffy Kids

    • Small earmuffs for children aged 5 to 16 
    • Adjustable headband with soft lining 
    • Offers a high noise reduction value (SNR) of 25 dB